Makers of High-Performance Cutting Tools

Our History

Originally founded in 1979 as New England Tool; the company has had a long-tenured reputation for producing high-performance products. Bay State Carbide was acquired in 2007, the two companies merged in 2008 and the company renamed: CONTOUR360.

CONTOUR360 delivers products produced by a team who believes self-respect and pride has an impact on product quality.  With an average tenure of 10 years, CONTOUR360’s 40 employees have a collective 300+ years of experience. Their dedication to the core principle of integrity shapes how they do business — always being forthright and putting the customer, their partners, first.

Tooling Expertise

For over 40 years we have been dedicated to designing, engineering, producing, and reconditioning high performance, precision made solid carbide round shank cutting tools for diverse businesses with complex tooling needs. From machine shops to Fortune 500 Companies, we lead the industry in high quality tools with expedient, dependable turnarounds; whether it’s for a “one-off” to specific application(s) or production setting.

We have a diverse staff of engineers and offer on-phone and on-site support. Send us a part print or the part itself!

Awards & Recognition

ANCA Tool of the Year Award 2018

Recognized By The State Of Maine for 25 Years of Business Excellence

Our Team

We’ve built a team of expert designers and manufacturers who truly care about delivering the best service in their trade. We stay at the cutting edge of tooling and still retain dedicated employees with an average tenure of over 10 years. We believe in integrity and opportunity for our products just as much as our people.

Preferred Partnerships

Our distributor trading partners are chosen by their ability to provide cutting tool solutions with integrity, honesty, and professionalism.


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Vision Statement

Produce high-quality Engineered Tooling with integrity, craftsmanship, and pride yielding high-performance results.

Mission Statement

CONTOUR360 provides its’ customers consistent high-performance tooling solutions designed to exceed their expectations of increased productivity with reduced production costs.
CONTOUR360 is dedicated to the safety, personal well-being, and career path development for every team member. Encouraged to think, contribute and not be afraid of making mistakes; corporate and personal growth go hand in hand!
CONTOUR360 is focused on continued top & bottom-line revenue growth, increasing “ROI” on all ownership investments through the expansion of product portfolio, continual identification of new market opportunities & development as well as showcasing the historical integrity, character, and partnership the organization has long been since known for.

Ready to Partner with CONTOUR360?

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