The Right Tool at the Right Time

High-performance engineered cutting tools made for your industry. Explore our line of general purpose end mills as well as our High Performace End Mills to fill your needs. Reamers  finished to your specifications and shipped within 24-hours!


Engineered tooling for the most difficult and extremely precise machining operations. Our solutions have a proven track record of solving the most intricate applications effectively and economically. Every tool is engineered, designed, processed, and produced with meticulous attention to detail for lasting performance.


Standard, quality solid carbide end mills from stock, including tools for aluminum, titanium, and stainless. High-performance, superior finishes, and reduced cycle time.

General Purpose End Mills

  • Extra Length Square End
  • Standard w/ Radius
  • Standard Square End
  • Standard
  • Standard Ball End
  • Roughers


Specialty solid carbide reamers, including extended length and tight tolerance reamers. We deliver comprehensive cuts, spirals, decimal, fractional, letter, number, and metric sizes in just 24-hours.

CONTOUR360° Product Brochures

View our 2021 list of high-performance and standard engineered cutting tools with prices and specifications.