YOURCUT360 Engineered Tooling

Other Makers make “specials” – We make ENGINEERED TOOLING!

US Cutting Tool Market:  

  • $4 Billion (+)
  • 70% is Carbide Tooling
  • Estimated $400 Million (+) in Engineered Tooling
  • 10% Annual Growth Rate Due To:
    • Increasing sophistication of Machines
    • Improved Efficiencies (less set-ups)
    • Increasing Parts Complexity
    • Increasing Specificity of Tooling

Quality and Performance Made For You

Go from spec to solution fast with the specialty tools you need to satisfy your specific market demands. We deliver quick, effective, and economical solutions that solve the most difficult applications. Our proven track record of designing and building precise cutting tools makes us the top choice for high-performing, custom-engineered tooling.

Design a Tool That Lasts

Every tool we manufacture is engineered, designed, processed, and applied with meticulous attention to detail. Our state-of-the-art design capabilities, 3D software, and efficient turnaround time ensures you get the exact application you need when you need it.


  • In-house production drawings for every tool built
    • Siemens Solid-Edge CAD Software
      (SolidWorks, Inventor, Pro-Engineer, NX, CATIA, etc.)
  • Tool Design Approval Prior To Manufacturing
  • Tool Prints Available Upon Request
  • Cutting tool design analysis and pre-production validation
    • Latest Advances Measuring Technologies
      (Heli-Checks, Zoller Genius 3’s, Sylvacs)
    • Pre-Production Validation
      (Industry Specific Cutting Tool, CAM Grind & Verification Software)


  • “How To” Application Support (Combined Book & Street Smarts)
    • Storehouse of Application Knowledge & Experience
    • Decades of Combined Industry Experience
  • Customer Support
    • Factory CNC Mill & Lathe For R & D Testing
    • In Field & On-Site Engineering & Application

Precision Meets Partnership

We work closely–and quickly–to get you the tooling you need to get your job done. With tooling expertise and close communication, we get to know the application and design thoroughly before manufacturing your tool. Our RFQ turnaround can be measured in minutes and integrity and reliability are at the heart of every part we produce.